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The idea

Less waste thanks to an innovative recycling product

According to the Federal Environmental Agency, 2.8 billion disposable cups are consumed each year in Germany alone. Around 60 % of these are plastic-coated paper cups which are currently thrown away, as they cannot be recycled in a reasonable and economically meaningful manner.

Why is this? To prevent the cups from leaking or becoming soggy they are coated on the inner side – typically with a plastic such as polyethylene. The cups therefore consist of a composite material of paper and plastic. And it is this combination that slows down the recycling process.

Until now, the paper fibres could only be separated from the plastic coating in a complex and disproportionately time-consuming process requiring special recycling facilities. However, separating the two materials is the prerequisite for restoring the paper fibres to the recycling loop.

A newly developed, innovative recycling product now enables separation and the fresh fibre pulp from disposable cups to be returned to the recycling loop – resource saving, simple, efficient and without disproportionate additional input in the paper treatment process.

The upcycling that takes place here serves to upgrade the material. The waste product of disposable cups becomes the raw material for a graphic paper, which can be used for various purposes in communication and advertising

To reflect these origins, the name "CoffeeCup Paper" was chosen.

Our CoffeeCup Paper is made 100% from recycled material.

Disposable paper cups become the raw material for graphic paper.

Graphic paper becomes a communicative message.

The result: sustainable communication par excellence!

The story

The journey of the cups

Once manufactured, CoffeeCup Paper can be recycled again at least 6 more times!

Addition of wastepaper

Fibre bonding, pressing, drying,
resulting in recycled paper

Processing at printing works

End product,
graphic paper


Disposable paper cups

Addition to recycling process

Removal of coating/
PE coating separates

The challenge

We need more cups!

Many cups, one aim:

To save raw materials …
Save resources …
Take responsibility …
Protect the environment …
Act sustainably …
… and reduce waste disposal costs at the same time!

Our IGEPA sales team is looking forward to receiving your co-operation requests!
We need your cups and your partnership!

Join in! Reduce waste, protect the environment and save on waste disposal costs at the same time

We are looking for providers in the fast-food sector as co-operation partners to help the CoffeeCup Paper project grow and enable raw materials for recycling to be obtained from waste. Collect your cups for us. Add authenticity to your sustainability – and reduce your waste costs at the same time!

Participation in our project enables you to act out your sustainability and show that your brand is taking responsibility. A win-win: motivates and persuades your guests to become part of the project by returning cups in stores and restaurants, thereby also increasing their loyalty to you.

The project offers fast-food operators numerous options for communicating and strengthening their own position. Using CoffeeCup Paper for their own communication in addition to delivering the material for its production is just one of these ...

Many cups, one aim:

To save raw materials …
Save resources …
Take responsibility …
Protect the environment …
Act sustainably …
… and reduce waste disposal costs at the same time!

Our IGEPA sales team is looking forward to receiving your co-operation requests!
We need your cups and your partnership!

Collection points
Pick-up service Central warehouse Paper plant

Collection points

Pick-up service

Central warehouse

Paper plant

This is how simple it is ...

Option A

  • Collection of the cups in your restaurants/stores
  • These are collected in turn by your distributor/disposal firm and transported to their central warehouse
  • Collection of the cups at the central warehouse by our team and transportation to the co-operating paper plant

Option B

  • Collection of the cups in your restaurants/stores
  • Direct collection of the cups and transportation to the co-operating paper plant by our team

The paper

CoffeeCup Paper – innovative upcycling saves paper fibres in disposable cups

CoffeeCup Paper is a graphic paper and a recycled product made from 100% wastepaper. It comprises 25% disposable paper cups and 75% directly recyclable wastepaper. In the case of the disposable cups, the plastic used to coat them is firstly separated, enabling the paper fibres that would otherwise have been lost directly as waste to be returned to the recycling process. CoffeeCup Paper features a matt surface and natural colour in the form of am optically and tactility appealing, uncoated natural paper. It offers numerous options for printing, further processing and use. With a CIE whiteness of 80, the paper is perceived as visually very pleasant, without losing its recycled character. With its origin and story, it highlights sustainability messages like no other recycled product. It is a product for everyday use, offering fair value for money. Once manufactured, it can be recycled again at least 6 more times!

25% disposable cups + 75% wastepaper =
100% CoffeeCup Paper + 100% sustainability

Our IGEPA sales team is looking forward to receiving your product enquiries!

The makers

Sustainability pioneers

Bundled expertise for an extraordinary project!

The innovative idea that enables the upcycling into graphic paper originally came from the Printing and Media Technology department of creart Neidhardt Werbe GmbH in Fulda, eastern Hesse. Together with our team from IGEPA Großhandel GmbH the “CoffeeCup Paper” project was brought into being and the new recycling idea realised. We are now delighted to be acting as exclusive sales partner for this unusual product. Papierfabrik Koehler Greiz GmbH & Co. KG, part of the Koehler Paper Group, was recruited as co-operation partner for manufacturing.

“CoffeeCup Paper represents a genuine opportunity for all project participants to demonstrate credible and authentic sustainability and render it tangible. We are very proud of this project.”

Torsten Gröger, authorised officer for Production, creart Neidhardt Werbe GmbH

The birth of CoffeeCup Paper

McDonald’s Deutschland is a pioneer in the realisation and manufacture of the first batch of CoffeeCup Paper The company has been collecting cups for hot and cold beverages for recycling projects in its restaurants since April 2019. The disposable cups of the fast-food chain supply the fresh fibre pulp for the manufacture of CoffeeCup Paper. Communication materials produced using CoffeeCup Paper not only convey the sustainable message to the target group, they also underscore this in an ideal and authentic manner both tactility and visually.

The case

CoffeeCup Paper in use

2019 sustainability update 2019 of McDonald's Deutschland, published in December 2020 - printed on CoffeeCup Paper

Numerous options for further processing and use: CoffeeCup Paper envelope for posting

CoffeeCup Paper transports and underscores sustainability messages both visually and tactility

CoffeeCup Paper graphic paper with recycled character and an unusual background story

“Printing our sustainability update on recycled paper is both important and the right thing to do. With the option of printing our sustainability update on our own cups, thanks to CoffeeCup Paper we are able to offer our guests tangible sustainability. The project shows that here at McDonald’s we have an overview of the entire life cycle of packaging, working continuously to close the recycling loop!”

Daniel Neusser, Department Head Sustainability McDonald’s Deutschland

The perfect recycling loop – sustainability update from McDonaldʼs produced from recycled disposable cups from McDonaldʼs restaurants

The 2019 sustainability update of the fast-food chain was printed by creart Werbeproduktion on a run of over 350,000 pieces of CoffeeCup Paper made from recycled McDonald’s cups and wastepaper. In addition, letters and envelopes for postal delivery of the sustainability update were produced from CoffeeCup Paper. The result: an authentic and clear message as well as tangible sustainability.

Reaching objectives together

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